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We are proud and so confident that our prices are just that much better than anywhere else that we are publishing a good and fair example for consumers to judge for themselves.

We have designed a basic functioning kitchen at roughly 12’ x 12’ of wall space. As you can see we included items that most of our competitors don’t. This includes Crown Molding, Light Rail, 2 x Drawer Banks and a larger cabinet both in depth and width.

We have priced the kitchen in all our brands in a white shaker style unless otherwise noted to give you an idea of how low our pricing is. We encourage you to shop it around and be your own judge.

Below you will see our kitchen cabinet brands in order of price…lowest price to our highest. This can be your guide to our brands and the price levels we offer. Hopefully you find it helpful in finding in finding the brand that works best for your application.

Offer the best quality for the best price is what we do. It’s simple, Big Box Store think they are better and that simply not true. Bigger isn’t always Better but you can guarantee Better is always Better…our price is Better and will always be Better.

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