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A Kitchen is in fact the heart of any home. It needs to be planned strategically because it incorporates essential elements that form an integral part of our daily lives. The aim is not only to make the client understand the design, but to also ensure that the entire process is crystal clear and easily comprehensible, making you, the client, happy and satisfied.

The fortunate thing is Exports 4 Less offers absolutely everything you need to outfit your new kitchen, including accessories and appliances. We can help you make the right decisions for your specific requirements and applications.

Exports 4 Less is here to make sure that your new kitchen is the one you’ve dreamed of, is practical and of course, affordable.

We’ll show you how to get the best kitchen at the lowest price anywhere, by following our unprecedented one-of-a kind design process.

Our expert design specialists, are not only the very best designers, but even more importantly than that, they understand construction, understand how cabinets are made and understands what makes one cabinet better for various applications over another.

We believe, to be a real designer, you need to be more than a designer.  You need to be qualified or at least have reasonable experience in building cabinets, finishing cabinets, installing cabinets and even the fabrication of countertops. In our opinion, if you have the carpentry experience to build a kitchen, possess the skills to stain, paint and finish a kitchen, have installed kitchens, you’ll always offer a distinct advantage and be more helpful for the client. Possessing these skills will help to identify problematic areas before they happen and find ways to overcome them in advance.  At Exports 4 Less we are experienced in all of those areas. It’s part of what we do and makes us different.

Our experience is much more and is truly unique. We’ve added more layers to the design process to help arrive at your design faster, be visually more accepting and above all, more accurate.

We’ve designed and manufactured an in-house modeling design system that makes designing kitchens so much easier. We are the inventors of MAD (Model Aided Design) a kitchen design modeling system that allows us to layout and design so much faster than 2020 or any other kitchen design program. See more at

Our Design Process provides multiple ways to view your new kitchen from standard floor plans and elevations, MAD Modeling,  full colour renditions, 3D real life animation and virtual reality. They all go together to make a better impression, clearer understanding and ultimately a more accurate portrayal of your new kitchen.

Exports 4 Less Exclusive Design Video

(Video is 11 minutes, please take the time to review and understand our Kitchen Design process)


1. MAD-Interactive Design. See your kitchen in real life before its purchased. It’s your kitchen and it’s a real kitchen…it’s just smaller.


2. MAD Animation. Using our MAD Modeling system, you’ll see your kitchen come to life, cabinet by cabinet, much like you’ve probably seen on HGTV.

3. 2020 Kitchen Designs – The industry standard for kitchen design providing floor plans, wall elevations and 3D line renderings.

3D Renderings

4. Full colour kitchen renderings. As part of our process we provide full colour drawings that include true to life details that include the countertop, backsplash tile and even wall colour chosen. You’ll see what your kitchen looks like with all your choices brought together in our true to life renderings.

2020 Rendering

5. As a final view we provide you with a FREE set of Virtual 3D Goggles to view a Panoramic 360-degree virtual tour of the final kitchen. You’ll be able to immerse yourself into a 3D experience that makes you feel like you are right inside your new kitchen—while sitting at home.

See example:

Immerse VR

6. *IMPORTANT: - and Installers will love this!!!!
Our MAD System allows us to do what can’t be done by any other business unless they have purchased the MAD Modeling system from us.

We can install your kitchen before your eyes before you even purchase it! Well…at least a smaller version of it. It allows us to install it because it’s an exact copy of your kitchen, a real kitchen just smaller recorded and narrated to a video.

Our unique MAD Video recording shows the installation process in advance of you even receiving your new kitchen. This is important, as it will show the installation in the order it should be installed, cabinet by cabinet, filler by filler right through to completion. This is invaluable to anyone installing the cabinets because it shows every item in detail being installed in place with explanations of things to be aware. Any special items to be aware of are pointed out during this process, thereby taking the guesswork out of the process completely. It makes the installation of kitchens that much easier and without error.

We encourage you to watch our short video, capturing all the above, and to assist in giving the complete picture depicting what sets us apart

Our Process is as follows: -

1. Kitchen Starter Kit - Download and print a copy of our easy to follow “Kitchen Starter Kit” HERE

2. Complete the information request and measurement pages. Please try to give all measurements and remember it’s better to supply more measurements, than not enough.

You will note there are 4 boxes other than the floor plan page. These represent up to 4 walls so depending how many walls are intended to have cabinets and appliances, draw out the wall depicting the window and door placements and sizes.

3. Part of our process is to supply a series of pictures of your kitchen space unless it’s a new build and there is no wall constructed. Send pictures of all 4 walls and all corners of your space.

4. Send completed “Kitchen Starter Kit” along with pictures and any other ideas and must-haves you would like for your kitchen back via e-mail ( or visit our Kitchen Quote Request form HERE

5. Studio Consultation Meeting - The next step is to schedule a Studio Skype meeting for a preliminary run through of your project and objectives, and what the best products available to suit your requirements. During this meeting, we use various tools to communicate and show information which can be anything from where we share our computer screen over skype or login to “Go To Meeting” as an alternative.

We have a specially designed studio for internet meetings that allows our customers into our studio over the internet to show product samples up close and accurately.  Our mobile cameras and studio lighting systems are installed specifically for this purpose. During this meeting we will schedule the design meeting, as we want you involved in the process.

6. Design Meeting – During this meeting we use our MAD Design Modeling system together with you in our studio to design and assemble. This process does not take long as the modeling system makes it quick and easy to assemble a kitchen and make changes as we go. It is effective because we can switch out cabinets, change positions simply by physically moving them. I think you’ll find this part of the process interesting and fun which gives you a real understanding of how a kitchen is designed. During this meeting we will schedule our final meeting where you will see your design brought to life.

7. Once we have arrived at a design using our MAD Design Modeling System, we will transfer that design to an animated movie and to 2020 Technologies computer design. From 2020, produce 3D Line Renderings, Colour Renditions and a Virtual 3D Panoramic 360-degree virtual tour. During this time, we would have sent to you a FREE (no shipping and no duty) set of 3D Goggles to use in this presentation. If everything is not exactly what you were looking for we can schedule another meeting to go over any changes that may be required.

9. Once your  kitchen is designed and you have decided to purchase, we will provide you with a finalized invoice clearly showing the product chosen and make arrangements for payments or deposits etc. depending on the circumstances.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - It is important to note that its not always necessary to go through the design process meetings if you don’t think it is required, because you may already know what you want. Maybe you already had a design and quote furnished by another company and just want to compare quotes. This is no problem, all you have to do is e-mail a copy of the design, type of cabinetry they quoted on and if you have a cabinet list.

Whatever your choice, we are willing to work with you to achieve what we all want…the best kitchen design, using the best kitchen materials at the best price possible. That is what we do, and why we do it better.

After the order is placed, we will provide you with the necessary documents after a deposit or payment is made. We will then send you a video of the installation of your own kitchen for your contractor or installer, or for yourself if you are installing it.

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