Who is Exports4Less.com?
Exports4Less is the online wholesale arm from its parent Company Eurtton Distribution Inc. (established 1998) based in Kingston, Ontario Canada.

Eurtton Distribution Inc. operates four retail divisions:  Exports4Less.com (Online Sales to Bermuda and the Caribbean), Catalog.Exports4Less.com (Quoting Division for Bermuda and Caribbean), Cabinets2Go.ca (a Canadian mobile kitchen showroom retail service) and MAD-Interactive.com (a kitchen design modeling system invented, manufactured and distributed by Eurtton Distribution Inc.).

Why are your prices better than other online retailers?
Our claim to fame is just that – we want to be known to have the best selection, best quality and the very best price. We, at Exports4Less.com, strive to ensure that we offer the best price possible. We also offer a price match guarantee.

What currency is used on Exports4Less.com?
Although we are a Canadian Corporation all prices are in US Dollars.

Does Export4Less.com charge State Sales Tax on orders like other online retailers?
The quick answer is “NO”. Exports4Less.com is an export company therefore goods are not sold domestically (in the USA and Canada). Delivery addresses are foreign and delivered to export consolidators and shipping companies. This can save you an additional 6% on items destined for Florida and 6.6% for items delivered to New Jersey Ports.

What type of payment methods does Exports4Less.com offer?
Currently we accept MasterCard, Visa and PayPal through the shopping cart. We also accept bank transfers – Information and bank transfer details are provided during the purchase during the shopping cart process. Also, you can e-mail for bank transfer information or call 613-389-6255 to provide Credit Details for processing.

Credit Card Security Protection – Is my information Protected?
Exports4Less.com provides safe and secure checkout by encrypting your credit card information using SSL. We do not hold or store any credit card information. We are PCI DSS Compliant.

Does my order always ship in accordance to the delivery estimates noted on the products?
In most cases they do, however there are times when an item can be temporarily be back-ordered or temporarily out of stock. We will notify you within 24-48 hours if that happens and give you the date it will be in stock. This normally is within a week or two.

Are the goods offered under warranty and if so how is the warranty handled?
Most retailers do not offer warranty on good exported outside of North America – Exports4Less is proud to extend all manufacturers warranties to our overseas clients. If not stated on an item, we offer a minimum 1-year warranty on any goods purchased through Exports4Less. It’s what we call our “Just Like Home” Warranty. Certain items offer more warranty, for example, Mr. Cool A/C Units REGISTERED WARRANTY with 5-year Parts/7-year Compressor/1-year Remote – we do not cover labor, but we do cover parts and replacement components.

Where are the ordered items delivered from?
Exports4Less.com currently offers over 100,000 products direct from the manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler depending on the goods. This involves over 300 supplier chain partners primarily on the East Coast of the United States. Goods are delivered directly from these 300 manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to the relevant point of export (the freight forwarder), depending on the Island destination consolidation point i.e. Bermuda or the Caribbean.

Do you charge for delivery to the Export Consolidator/Freight Forwarder?
Delivery costs are not to be confused with Shipping costs – Please see our delivery cost page Click Here.

How do we determine the best way to export the order to the Island in which I live?
We are export experts and fully understand the best methods and consolidation points for your final Island destination. For example, if you live in Bermuda, in most cases the best Export Consolidating Point is in New Jersey and sometimes Jacksonville FL, depending on the origin of the item being purchased.

We do however consider your complete order and make sure that whenever possible your goods all arrive at the same Export Consolidation/Freight Forwarder for more efficient shipping and lower overall cost alternative. We stay in contact and help you with this process to make sure your orders are handled in the most efficient way, and at the same time keep you informed.

I have a very large project that involves a lot of products, what is the best method to ship it?
If you are building a home, renovating and simply wanting to refurnish your home and you anticipate a very large order we can help. We can help organize your entire purchase and calculate the best way to ship. We will evaluate for you whether LCL (less than container load) or Full container(s) is appropriate, depending on the total cubic capacity of the entire order.

How long does it take to receive my order?
Order times vary depending of the product being purchased.

Delivery times can vary depending on the product and manufacturer. Multiple products in different categories can translate to multiple delivery times. We take care and manage this for you to make sure your goods travel to your island as one shipment and not be separated into multiple small shipments. This is is not efficient and can add to the overall shipping cost. Leave it to us to make sure your goods arrive in the most efficient manner while keeping you informed along the way.

Orders that are custom produced to your specific requirements like some of our kitchen cabinet lines can take 6 weeks or more, while other kitchen lines can be shipped in as little as a few days, so it depends on the commodity. Aluminum shutters can take up to 6 weeks is another example. Windows can be as little as a week and possible two weeks depending on the window line chosen. Our furniture is probably our fastest and can be delivered as soon as few days and up to two weeks to the Export Consolidator/Freight Forwarder, depending on the furniture line. Hardware generally is sent out to be delivered with one or two days.

Note: – Most of our products state the expected delivery time right in the details of the product page throughout this website.

How do I track my order?
In most cases you don’t have to track your order because we advise every step of the way. We let you know when your goods are expected to be delivered and arrive at your Export Consolidator/Freight Forwarder. We then give you notice as soon as we know the goods arrived at your Export Consolidator/Freight Forwarder.

What happens when my goods arrive at the Export Consolidator/Freight Forwarder?
At this point we provide your Export Consolidator/Freight Forwarder with your information as it is normally applied to the goods as received. From this point you will communicate directly with them.

Does Exports4Less.com ship to the residents in USA and Canada?
Our system is not set up to accept orders from Canada and the USA and only cater to orders intended for delivery to Bermuda and the Caribbean. These orders are shipped to the appropriate export consolidator for large items and orders in New Jersey, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Miami and in some cases Ontario, Canada.

How are small items delivered and shipped?
Small items, if not ordered in conjunction with larger items, may be delivered to a courier or express shipping company like “Mailboxes Unlimited US Express” destined for Bermuda and “mymalls” for small items destined for the Caribbean Islands. There are other options,  please e-mail save@exports4less.com or call 613-389-6266 for details.

How much does it cost to ship my order to Bermuda?
Exports4Less.com delivers your order the the relevant shipping port that ships to your island. Shipping and duty is paid to the shipping company once the goods arrive in your island destination. We have included on our website for your convenience a shipping and duty estimator to better help you in calculating you total cost (curently for Bermuda only). Click Here

How do I pay for Overseas Shipping?
Once your goods have been shipped from the US/or Canada and arrived on your Island,  you will get notification from the shipping company that it has arrived and cleared customs. They will contact you and you will pay them directly for the Shipping and Duty charges.

What is your Return Policy?
Unfortunately returns are not possible when goods are shipped outside of North America. The return cost can exceed the value of the goods.

Does Exporst4Less.com offer Kitchen Design services?
Yes we offer a very comprehensive FREE  kitchen design service – for details See https://catalog.exports4less.com/kitchen-design-process/
or to request a Free design quote, follow this link:

Does Exporst4Less.com offer kitchen cabinets to be purchased online?
Yes, at present we offer 4 cabinet lines all online and ready to purchase. Forevermark/TSG, Alusso Avanti, Alusso Bellagio and soon St. Martin. It is our intent to have all our lines online and ready to purchase.

What happens if we find damage?
Generally it doesn’t happen, but that is not to say it doesn’t. When goods are delivered to the Export Consolidator/Freight Forwarder they are inspected and signed off as in good condition based on the quality of the box or carton condition. Most shipping companies offer basic insurance to cover possible damage or your local insurance company will provide shipping insurance. If it is concealed damage, we will assist you in getting it resolved should that happen.

Hopefully this answers most questions but if you have any others simply e-mail save@Exports4Less.com or call 613-389-6255