Although others may make the claim, Exports 4 Less is a true one stop shop for innovation, services, design and the supply of goods for the home.

There are several fundamental points, we supply more product and services than anybody else, we are an innovative multifaceted company armed with product knowledge related to the products and service we offer.  Now, unlike other online Retailers, Big Box Stores etc. we know exactly what to do and where to send the goods once purchased. Depending on what Island you live, we know exactly what to do, where to send the goods and how to do it.  On regular overseas shipping, we know what Port, what consolidator and what shipper is pertinent to that delivery location or Island. On small orders, we can assist in evauating the best mode of transport to get the products to you efficiently and quickly when considering cost savings.


Exports 4 Less would like to be your total or additional source for products for your business. If you are a Retailer, Contractor, a Developer, Interior Designer, Engineer or Architect we want to be your partner. We want to help you help your clients through added supply, lower pricing and improved efficiencies.

By registering with Exports 4 Less you may be eligible for additional discounts based on expected volumes and specific project requirements and price point objectives.

Many others may claim they are or have competitive prices with their competition. Being competitive is fine if you like mediocracy or coming close.  Mediocracy or coming close is not good enough for Exports 4 Less, we want to always be the best alternative because you know we have the best price. We work hard to guarantee you the lowest price, we want you to be thrilled, we want you save no matter what, and we want you to spread the word about your positive experience with your friends and family. This is important to us and important to our continued growth.

On mechanical or electrical items, most manufacturers void warranties once the goods leave North America. Other manufacturers offer parts only warranties. By working with Exports 4 Less, we can help you through the process, help with parts and assure your purchase in one that you can trust and one that has support.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets and home furniture, Exports for Less offers full manufacturers warranty. When you purchase through Exports 4 Less, we will extend the exact same warranty policy as any resident of Canada and the USA would enjoy with no exceptions.

As a rule we do not charge for quotes. It would have to be a special instance with a special request, that would prompt us to consider any kind of charge for quoting.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet quotes, which can be one of the most involved in arriving at a design and quote, and at no charge. We do require you to  follow a specific set of documents to complete to verify the quote and to help us speed the process for efficiency, which translates to savings.

Exports 4 Less offers a number of ways to receive a quote.

Exports 4 Less offers the lowest price, and to do so we need mutual cooperation to eliminate wasted time. Wasted time translates to higher prices and we both want to avoid that. On the menu above or on the following link, is a quote request form capable of accepting multiple items within the same quote CLICK HERE. Simply fill out the form and click submit. The form is then automatically sent to Exports 4 Less. We will then assess the quote and return prices…it’s that easy!

Custom items that require designs for approval, for example, kitchens, will also start with a quote request to get you into our system. When it comes to kitchens we want to keep the system simple, but we want to make sure it’s right, so we must go through a few more steps…see our Kitchen Design Quote Page CLICK HERE

Obviously you can contact us via e-mail (our most popular) where we can promptly return answers. There are times when you would like to talk to us for answers to questions, so we have several ways to do so. Between 8:00am and 5:00pm eastern standard time Monday to Friday you can call our telephone number 613-389-6255, or you can contact us using our “LIVE PERSON” found on the right side of any page on our website. We have three attendees that would be happy to answer any questions you have.

IMPORTANT: For larger projects including kitchen design we have a Broadcast Studio (Virtual Showroom) where we can schedule a live meeting over Skype to go over any questions you may have, look at samples while they are explained or demonstrated. This is particularly important when designing a kitchen using our kitchen modeling system. It is also effective when assisting you in the design by putting combinations together for example…through our camera system we can show you a door sample, colour chips, countertop options, backsplash options, flooring and more along with other accessories as they are all available in out sudio. See the following link for an example. CLICK HERE

Exports 4 Less offers a huge assortment of products so there is no easy, or one size fits all answer. Many of which are completely custom and can take longer, as a result. This could include custom kitchen cabinets and countertops, custom size and finished entry doors, or custom size windows which can take as little as a couple of weeks or production could be 6 -8 weeks,  depending on the unique features of the request.

Other products like stock kitchen & vanity cabinets, sinks, faucets, hardware, flooring, lighting and plumbing goods are generally stocked and ready to ship.

With respect to Home Furniture: - For the most part furniture is stocked and ready to ship. There are instances where furniture is offered custom where the factory allows the selection of style, colour, fabrics, leather etc., this can take longer as you can expect. Lead times will be quoted at the time of a price request.

Lead time will be quoted when we return your price quote.

Our order process is simple because we do not post prices and instead opt to supply prices via quotes. Our quotes are numbered and stored so all you have to do is contact us by phone or email us the original quote for confirmation and it gets transferred to a sales invoice. Be sure to identify in your email the products within the quote you wish keep if you have multiple items, otherwise all items will be deemed to be ordered.

An Exports 4 Less representative will return your converted quote to revise invoice for your approval and sign off. If any items on your order is a custom product like kitchen cabinets etc. we will send you all the relevant documents for approval and sign off.

Exports 4 Less accepts most methods of payment including VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, BANK WIRE TRANSFERS or US DRAFT.

Many items offered by Exports 4 Less are ready to ship and in those cases, payment is required at time of order. When items require lead times like custom kitchens, we accept 50% deposit with order and the balance when the goods are ready to leave the manufacturer. Like everything else in life, nothing is absolute, and provisions are made depending on the situation and specific needs.

This usually means that Exports 4 Less would ship goods prior to being paid with the agreement that any balances would be paid in 30 days. We do have long term retailers and some consumers that we offer credit. This is because we have long term relationships with them and they have proved their credit worthiness over time. As a rule, and without any history, we do not offer credit.

Exports 4 Less handles all inbound and overland shipping for our clients. We organize and handle your ordered goods being picked up or transported to the Ports. Any overland transport costs are listed separate on your invoice to avoid paying unnecessary customs duty.

Although we primarily ship to freight forwarders and Ports, we can organize shipping to any of the USA States except for Hawaii and Alaska. We will, when appropriate, ship to anywhere in Canada.

Exports 4 Less offers and advises on the best and most cost-effective method of shipping your goods to your island. This is what we do and one of our strengths. We take the hassle out of arranging all the components of your shipment arriving at the freight forwarder as we do all the follow up and make all the necessary arrangements for you. We keep you informed so that you know what to expect and when to expect it.

Overseas shipping charges are paid by you the customer, including customs duty to your broker or shipping company.

When your shipments arrive at the freight forwarder, they are inspected and signed off upon receipt. This means the goods arrived at the freight forwarder/consolidator are in good order, otherwise the goods will be rejected for any visible damages.  It is recommended you discuss insurance coverage with the freight forwarder or your own insurance company to ensure any damage is covered in shipping.

We at Export 4 Less appreciate the opportunity to serving you in advance and look forward to building a successful relationship and providing you with quality products that will stand the test of time.

Thank you.

From your Exports 4 Less Team
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