ABOUT DELIVERY COSTS: Not to be confused with Shipping costs

Delivery costs are associated with delivering goods from the manufacturer to the Consolidator Port of Export. New Jersey, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Miami or Ontario, Canada depending on the products of interest and the island goods are being shipped to.

Shipping Cost are related to the goods being shipped to the island(s) by Ocean Container etc. once they have been delivered to the Export Consolidator/Freight Forwarder.

Exports4Less.com understands that there is a cost for everything especially as it pertains to delivery. Some online retailers claim free delivery while others charge for delivery.

Why you may ask?
The answer is simple…no matter how an item is delivered to any specific address in North America or even to a shipping port on the East Coast, there is a cost.

Sometimes these goods require travel overland through several states over sometime 100’s if not, up to 1,000 miles and as a result a supplier has three choices. The choices are to include the cost of overland delivery into the retail price in full, split the cost into the retail price and part into a reduced delivery cost or charge the delivery cost separately.

Exports4Less.com understands that when shipping goods overseas to Bermuda and the Caribbean there are normally import duty and warfage charges that must be paid by the purchaser or importer. The Import Duty is based on the purchase or retail price which if you include delivery charges into the retail price, the Duty will increase as a result.

Exports4Less.com charges a nominal delivery only when we are charged by the manufacturer. This is charged separately and shown in your shopping cart before check-out, while keeping the best retail price possible. As an exporter we don’t have to charge Retail Sales Tax like most other online retailers which saves an additional 6 – 6.6%. To maintain the best price, we regularly search the internet making sure we keep our best price guarantee.

As far as we understand and as a final point we are the only online retailer that offer 100% warranty and you deal directly with us.

Thank you, and we look forward to serving you on your next building, renovation or home decorating project.