All prices shown in US Dollars. is the only website that we are aware of that is designed specifically to service Bermuda and the Caribbean. We Understand your local market, your high prices and the problem as it relates to limited selection. We know and understand what is involved and where to deliver goods destined for those in Bermuda and the Caribbean and because we are an export company we do not to charge Retail Sales tax like other online stores in North America.

In July 2018 the US Supreme Court ruled that all online retailers in the USA and Canada will have to charge Sales Tax applicable to the State of delivery. This does not apply to as we are based in Canada, source goods in the USA and export it outside of North America.

Our Principles: The four “B’s” of business is to always offer the Best Price while offering the Best Selection, the Best Quality and wrap it in the Best Service. It’s our philosophy, our conscience and our way of doing business.

Best Price: As part of our business strategy we have taken a best and lowest price approach to business, making it easy for our potential customer to make a decision. offer what we deem to be “No Brainer Pricing”. Exports4Less carefully searches the web on websites like Wayfair,, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon and many others to make sure we always offer the best price available anywhere. We doubt that a better price can be found anywhere on items that we offer. If by chance you find a better price online anywhere let us know as it is important to us to discover why and if true we will “Price Match” if we can’t beat it. Sometimes retailers are clearing out or simply dumping products. In those situations it is important to be careful that the products have not been previously opened, or have been repackaged. Make sure the goods are not reconditioned as many don’t state and remember we offer warranty and no sales tax.

Best Selection: We believe we offer the best selection of products suitable for Bermuda and the Caribbean given their harsh salty and humid conditions. Now offering over 100,000 items for the home online and an almost unlimited selection of products through our website, we believe we have everything you will ever need when building, renovating, furnishing or decorating a home. We add new products daily, so be sure to check regularly to see what new.

Best Quality: Although we touched on it previously, offers the best in quality as it relates to price and the product. We offer products we know can withstand the test of time in the harsh Bermuda and Caribbean climates. Our kitchen cabinets for example are all wood constructed boxes with the best finishes and we don’t offer mitred jointed cabinet doors.

Best Service: Most, if not all online stores including Brick and Mortar stores do not offer warranty on good that are shipped outside of North America. This is not the case with as we do in fact assist with warranty. It’s our “Just Like Home Warrant” your goods are covered when they are shipped outside of North America. You deal directly with should there ever be the need for warranty.

Thank you from the team and we look forward to serving you in the future.